Friday, February 3, 2012

The Results Are In Apple's iOS crashes more than Google's Android

For a long time now Apple has given the false conception that their platform was more stable than Android.  Most people believed this because of Apple's history when being put up against companies like Windows and Blackberry.  One company that never feared the challenge however was Google.  Since Google has come into the phone market with Android that have been several steps ahead of Apple's OS.  Many people even criticized iOS5 for copying features that Android already had for over 2 years.  Since the beginning of the year Apple has take quite a few hits.  The create of the first Apple Computer, Steve Woz, gave an interview where he said Apple's prize Voice Assistant, Siri, still doesn't compare to Android Voice Commands in accuracy and functions.  After Q4 of 2011 the results came that Apple has lost over 10% of the tablet market share in just 3 months, which is the trend continues means Apple will no longer have 50% of the tablet market by mid 2012.

The biggest blow would come from a recent study that was done however that reveals that when tested, iOS crashes more often than Android does.  This is another huge blow to Apple always claiming to be the more stable OS.  It turns out that Apple's apps crash with a much greater frequency than Android apps do.  Not only that but the newer the OS is the more frequent the crash is for Apple. While in Android it seems to be the opposite.  The newer versions of the OS's crash less frequently than their older counterparts.  The easiest explanation for this would be from the big flaw in Apple's OS.  Which is since the OS is so closed off, developers have to go through a lot just to give their app an update. While Android is open source platform allows develops to jump through less hoops to update their apps for the new OSs.  Unfortunately because this flaw is integrated into the OS there is no easy fix or solution for Apple in the near future.

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