Monday, January 2, 2012

Google & Samsung Dominate the Phone Market

When it comes to smartphones only one name really matters, Google.  Android is getting closer and closer to owning over 50% of the market in the US.  In recent comScore, we found out that though Apple would have you believe the iPhone 4S was dominating the market buyers showed something else quite different.  Android grew more than double what Apple did these past few months even with the iPhone 4S launch.  Seeing as how iPhone 4S didn't have anything really impressive to show this comes as no surprise to anyone that knows technology.  Apple camera and sales were both beaten by the Galaxy S II, and the screen, speed, smoothness and web browsing were all outdone when the Galaxy Nexus came out.  It also comes as no surprise that the two phones that outclassed Apple would be Samsung since they now have the biggest share of phones in the US, with 25% of the market share.  Which just goes to show you if you don't have a Google/Samsung phone you really should be asking yourself why not?

This is R-I-C-K-Y, The Android Guy

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